daily calories intake for six pack

Daily calories intake for six pack Abs and Lean Muscle Mass – Part 1

How to go about calculating the amount of each nutrients required by your body on a daily basis? Let’s take an example of an...
Daily nutrients for six pack Abs

Daily nutrients intake for six pack Abs and Lean Muscle Mass – Part 2

After calculating the daily calories intake, apply the 45/35/20 proportion to calculate the daily requirements of Carbohydrate, Protein and fat in your diet. To...
Fitness workouts

Basics of Workout: What is a Workout?

So finally you have joined a gym and shown up on the day one. Now what? You see people jumping around and on machines...
Bodybuilding event in East Bangalore

Bodybuilding event: Encouraging the young bodybuilders

A Bodybuilding event was organised by A&A Gym, a small gym in East part of Bangalore focused on building young kids who just can’t...
Should fitness supplements be part of your fitness diet

Understanding Bodybuilding and Fitness Supplements

Supplements as the name says are "supplement" to your diet and training which means something extra, they do not replace proper diet and exercise....
Understanding Nutrition and Nutrients

Nutrition Basics: Understanding Nutrients and Calories

Human body is a collection of molecules that moves and comprises of cells, tissues and organs. Our body parts are continually changing, using nutrients...
Dieting is better or exercising

Want to lose weight: Eat less or Exercise more?

According to old school of nutritional thinking it is commonly believed that weight loss is simply the difference between “calories in” and “calories out”,...
daily calories intake for six pack

Understanding the Abdominal Muscle

The abdominal muscles are an extremely important muscle group for fitness lovers. The abdominal muscles are the first area the eye is drawn to...