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Daily nutrients intake for six pack Abs and Lean Muscle Mass – Part 2

Daily nutrients for six pack Abs
Nutrition for six pack

After calculating the daily calories intake, apply the 45/35/20 proportion to calculate the daily requirements of Carbohydrate, Protein and fat in your diet. To calculate the daily calorie intake for building lean mass and six packs refer our article “Daily calories intake for six pack Abs and Lean Muscle Mass”.

Let’s assume you come up with a value of 2286 calories as the total daily calories required by your body for developing the lean and sculpted physique. Now it’s time to apply the 45/35/20 proportion, which means:

Daily Carbohydrate requirements = 45% of 2286 = 1028.7 calories

Daily Protein requirements = 35% of 2286 = 800.1 calories

Daily fat requirements = 20% of 2286 = 457.2 calories

This implies that for a daily intake of 2286 calories, 1028.7 calories should be come from carbohydrates, 800.1 from proteins and 457.2 from fats.

Now let’s translate these calorie values in respective gram values. 1 gram of Carbohydrate and Protein is equivalent to 4 calories whereas 1 gram of Fat is equivalent to 9 gram.

So your exact daily nutrients requirement would be:

Carbohydrate = 1028.7/4 = 257.17 grams

Protein = 800.1/4 = 200 grams

Fat = 457.2/9 = 50.8 grams

The above quantity of nutrients should be taken over a course of six meals roughly at an interval of 2.5 to 3 hours.

So for each of your meal you should try and take the following amount of nutrients:

Carbohydrate = 257.17/6 = 42.86 grams

Protein = 200/6 = 33.33 grams

Fat = 50.8/6 = 8.47 grams

If you eat the above quantity of nutrients spread across six meals, your metabolic conditioning will improve drastically, you will put on good lean muscle and at the same time you will look more ripped with eye popping six packs. Do remember to recalculate the calories intake and corresponding nutrient values on a monthly or bi-monthly basis as your body fat percentage will change as you start following this diet plan.