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Big Discount on Impact Whey Protein and Review Vs Gold Standard Whey

Discount Impact Whey Protein review

Big Discount Impact Whey Protein and comparison with Gold Standard Whey

Here is the comparison and review of Impact Whey Protein by Myprotein with Optimum Nutrition’s Gold standard Whey. Also check out 25% discount links for the first time buyers of Myprotein. It work’s great.

Impact Whey ProteinGold Standard 100% Whey Protein
CompanyMyproteinOptimum Nutrition (ON)
Shipping InfoProduct is shipped from Myprotein EUROPE warehouse to your doorstepProduct is shipped from the Indian Vendor's warehouse to your doorstep
Time for delivery10-21 days3 days
Quantity5 KG10 LBS (4.5 kg)
Price(INR) after WefitIndia offer discount3892-
1 scoop size25 g30.4 g
Total servings considering 1 scoop per day200148
Price per scoop (INR)2690.5
Price per scoop (INR) after WefitIndia offer discount19.5-
Protein per scoop21 g -(84%) 24 g - 78%
Calories per scoop103120
FlavorUnflavored (Also available in my other flavors)Double Rich Chocolate (Not as many flavors as Myprotein's)
Sugar per scoop1 g1 g
Fat per scoop1.9 g1 g
Carbohydrate1 g3 g
Notes Regarding QualityShipped directly from UK to your house so no chance for duplicates. Good QualityShipped from local Indian warehouse. Since it's so popular and expensive, many duplicates exists in market.
Notes Regarding Import of productNo you won't end up paying customs (Trust us)No worries about customs as shipped locally
ResultGreat ResultsGreat Results
UsageFat Loss or Muscle GainFat Loss or Muscle Gain

Clearly in terms of pricing Myprotein’s Impact Whey Protein stands out way ahead than ON’s Gold Standard Whey. There have been lot of stories going around the price of Myprotein and many think that one would end up paying custom charges at the time of delivery, please be assured that as long you are ordering the protein for your personal usage you won’t have to pay any price apart from the one listed on Myprotein’s website. Take smart decision and buy the powder that’s of good quality and fits your budget well.

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