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Lose High Body Fat Diet Plan – 20 to 30% body fat

MALE: 20%-30% FEMALE: 25-35% Body Fat Percentage

lose high body fat diet plan

Lose High Body Fat Diet Plan and Strategy:

If your body resembles any of the pictures below then quite likely your body fat percentage is between 20 to 30%. People falling under this high category of body fat should still primarily focus on their nutrition plan and eat clean diet as far as possible. The nutrition guidelines for very high fat percentage (> 30%) category are still applicable for this category as well. Make changes to your lifestyle as suggested below and you can easily bring down your body fat to 20%. Keep reading and improvise the changes in your lifestyle as suggested. Also read the related workout plan: Lose High Body Fat Workout Plan and Strategy

30 percent body fat - Male
30% Body Fat
25 percent body fat - Male
25% Body Fat
20 percent body fat - Male
20% Body Fat
35 percent body fat - Female
35% Body Fat
30 percent body fat - Female
30% Body Fat
25 percent body fat - Female
25% Body Fat

1. Make small changes to your nutrition

Make small changes to your nutrition, not suddenly but over a course of time. Example: If you skipping your breakfast, start having one regularly; If you having Indian chats for evening snacks, replace it with some healthy brown bread sandwich (although even breads are not very healthy but still a better option here); Avoid eating rice for dinner; Avoid eating just before sleeping etc. The list continues, key point is you identify where you going bad with your food, eliminate them or replace them with healthy nutrition and habits

2. Clean up your nutrition

Make good food choices for your day to day breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are a vegetarian pick foods which are high in protein such as Kidney Beans, Chickpeas, Gram Seeds, Soybeans, Cottage Cheese etc., non-vegetarians can add Chicken Breasts, Fish and Egg Whites to their meals. Eat any vegetable that’s green. Avoid sugar of any kind in your meal, not even sugar-free tablets. If your body fat is more towards 20s like 21, 22 till 25 ensure that you having some protein with every meal

3. Don’t get obsessed with Calorie count

At this point of time with 30% body fat on your side there is no point in counting your macro nutrients; rather just completely focus on cleaning up your eating habits and eating right. If your body fat is more towards 20s like 21, 22 till 25 try and ensure that you not eating beyond 2000-2200 calories per day.
If you want to know more: Nutrition Basics: Understanding Nutrients and Calories

4. Don’t worry about supplements

Your trainer or someone will surely advice you to take some fat loss pills or protein powder or something similar, just ignore all supplement advices for now. Your initial focus should be to get the life back on track with clean eating habits and regular exercises. If you are the one who got down to 25% body fat from 35% then you should start exploring the options for increasing protein intake and you can start using Whey Protein, as a thumb rule the protein intake at this point of time should be 1.4 times your body weight, example if you weigh 60 Kg now your daily protein intake should be 1.4X60 which is 84g. Out of this 84g 50% of protein should come from solid food such as Eggs, Chicken, Cottage Cheese etc. while the rest 50% can be taken from supplements.

5. Don’t Diet

There are many jazzy diet plans floating around in the market and surprisingly many celebrities vouching for it, please do not fall for it. Remember celebrities have all the time and money to follow such crazy diet which we don’t have. Many will suggest you to follow Calorie deficit food habits to lose weight, while the concept of calories in vs calories burnt is true, but don’t implement it by eating way less than you should normally. Create the calorie deficit by working out more rather than eating less. The most important point is that none of the diet plan will work long term, so please do not run behind diet instead incorporate good nutritional habits.

6. Don’t get obsessed with 6 or 8 meals per day plans

The Indian way of living is much different than the western world; we spend around three hours commuting home to office and office to home, incorporating a 6-8 meals plan per day as suggested by those expensive trainers and dietitians is highly challenging considering the dynamics of our country and our day to day life chores. So if you can only have 3-4 meals per day absolutely no problem at all. You can still loose and get the best shape of your life, just ensure that you don’t keep your stomach empty for a considerably long period of time. The idea is not to let your body go in hunger mode for a long period of time; this will slow down your metabolism which in turn will create a road block in your fat loss program.

7. Eat slowly

Don’t swallow your food, rather chew each and every bite nicely and eat, this will ensure that you feel full in less quantity of food and will also boost your digestion process. Avoid eating in front of a TV, we tend to eat more while watching TV, yes we do.

8. Drink plenty of water

Try and drink an average of 4-5 litres of water on a daily basis. Thumb rule for ensuring you having enough water is that you should be rushing to bathroom every 2 hours. Also ensure that colour of your urine is always transparent. Also Read: Importance of Water in fat loss Also Read: How much water you and your family members should drink?

9. Embrace Green Tea

Make green tea part of your life, this will help increase your metabolism significantly. Get rid of sweet tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc. Increase in metabolism means your food is getting digested in less amount of time with nutrients filling your cells in much shorter time and keeping you energized all day long.

10. Love the Green Salads/Raw Vegetables

Make green salads part of all your meals. Cucumber, Tomatoes, Carrot, Broccoli (if you can afford it) any seasonal veggies etc. Even Cabbage can be eaten as salad. Raw veggies and fruits provide you the required minerals and vitamins which are very much required to transform your body

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