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Importance of Water in fat loss

Drink enough water to loose fat
Drink enough water to loose fat

I have often seen people ignore the importance of water while trying to achieve their fat loss goals, reasons no time at work, can’t drink that much water etc. etc. So to stress the importance of water and get everyone serious about H2O, here are some scientific benefits to get you back on track with that bottle.

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On an average 60%-70% of our body is water which also depends on the age and gender of a person. Two most important things which are required for functioning of every small to complicated body functions for each and every internal and external body organs, is WATER and OXYGEN. The sad truth is that on an average an adult in India drinks hardly 2 liters of water in a day.

So how drinking adequate amount of water benefits you:

Internal Benefits:

– Speeds up Metabolism – Water is the primary building block of human cells, its intake increases metabolism, thus boosts your fat loss process
– Digestion – Water helps in proper digestion and let body absorb and transport nutrients and oxygen to the hormones and cells, it metabolizes proteins and carbohydrates used as food thus provides energy your body needs throughout the day and of course during your workouts
– Bowel Moment – As water helps in quick digestion, it promotes easy and smooth bowl movement, so no more trying external ways for that extra pressure in the mornings
– Prevention from water retention – Helps body to prevent water retention as a result reduction of many kilos of the body weight which you have been dreaming about
– Detoxification – Remember body is almost always detoxified when it is hydrated as it keeps flushing out the toxins through urine. Have you ever thought why doctor in almost every sickness suggests to increase the fluid intake? Of course more fluid you intake more quicker toxins will leave your body
– Controls the internal body temperature – Water is the natural insulator of your body to control the internal temperature

External Benefits:

– Healthy skin – Water Keeps skin young, tight and wrinkle free thus in reduction of many years from your age as well as keeps skin away from many infections.
– Healthy hairs and nails – When body is hydrated it makes hairs and nails shiny and strong
– Prevents Sprains and cramps – Water helps keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic and thus prevents any injuries during your workout sessions
– Keeps Migraines at bay – Can’t digest young folks complaining about migraines and headache, guys dehydration is a common migraine trigger so please drink enough water, it will help

Please remember friends if body is having adequate amount of water, it helps all the organs to function properly, which implies your body is getting healthy nutrients which in turn aids big time in healthy fat loss.

No wonder they say “Water is life”. So grab that bottle now and start sipping. It’s much cheaper than the sugary drinks your favorite stars promote day and night on that idiot box.