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Healthy Gluten Free Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats Vs Instant Oats

Healthy Gluten free rolled oats

Healthy Gluten Free Rolled Oats: Oatmeal is probably the top most recommended breakfast food item for anyone trying to get in shape or building lean muscle mass or trying to stay fit. Why not, as per the FDA(Food and Drug Administration, USA) it reduces the levels of blood cholesterol and protects form various heart diseases. Oats are primarily good source of carbohydrate, fiber and also provides protein along with good fat than most of the other grains.

Now that we are sold on eating Oats, next point is which one to buy and eat. There are many variants of Oats available in the market to attract customers Masala Oats, Strawberry Flavour oats, Chinese Oats, Italian Oats, White Oats and the list goes on. The most common one which most of us consume are the Quick Oats or commonly called Instant Oats. They cook in very short time and end up like a paste with mushy texture, so ultimately we end up eating a gummy paste instead of grains.

Healthy Gluten Free Rolled Oats
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So if you all really want to eat some real oats in the morning which feels like grain, try the rolled oats and if you have a thing for eating low glycemic index(GI) food( food that does not spike the blood sugar level immediately after consumption), try out Gluten free rolled Oats.

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The Quick Oats or the Instant Oats are more refined and processed than Original Rolled Oats therefore have slightly higher glycaemic index which means the quick oats gets digested more easily than original rolled oats which will not keep you full for quite as long as original rolled oats. Also many of the jazzy instant oats contain artificial flavours or sugar to enhance the taste which makes them lower in fiber than the original rolled oats. So look out for Original rolled oats and stop eating that mushy paste every morning.