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Machine Hack Squat – Powerful Leg Exercise


Machine Hack Squat – Powerful Leg Exercise:

Machine Hack Squat is one of the most powerful leg exercise for developing the lower body. Although many will suggest that nothing can beat the traditional barbell squat on a squat rack. This is a perfect statement if barbell squat is performed with right form. What I have seen at WeFI Gym that about 90% of the Gym members perform Barbell Squat in a wrong way which slows down the leg development to a greater extent. So a wise advice would be to add Machine Hack Squat to compensate the loss from ‘Wrong form Barbell squat’. I am not suggesting to stop doing the barbell squat, all I am preaching is to add a Machine Hack Squat routine along with the Barbell Squats on your Leg Workout days.

Benefits of Machine Hack Squat

Since you are performing the hack squat on a machine and you don’t have to worry about stabilizing the barbell on your back. This helps in going deep in your machine hack squats compared to barbell squats which results in more involvement of glutes, inner thighs and front thighs. Hence fast pace leg toning and development.

How to do Machine Hack Squat?

If you haven’t included machine hack squats into your leg routines, you should certainly try and get those legs pumped up like an athlete. Also it’s not that hard to master machine hack squats. Here is a video on how we train members of WeFI Gym to perform hack squats.