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High Intensity Training – Slam Ball and Box Jump – HIIT


High Intensity Training – Slam Ball and Box Jump :

If your goal is to lose fat and at the same time maintain lean muscle, there is no better option than High Intensity Training or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). High Intensity Training helps you burn maximum calories in minimum time. Fitness industry is embracing HIIT because of HIIT’s tremendous potential to lose fat in minimal time.

How to do High Intensity Training?

HIIT can be performed using various equipment available in the Gym or can also be performed using one’s own body weight exercises. There is no fixed formula for picking the exercises for HIIT. Two exercises are chosen out of which first one can be a high intensity exercise while the second can be comparatively less intense to provide a simultaneous recovery from the first exercise.
HIIT involves one set of two exercises performed back to back for specified number of repetitions or duration. Three to five sets can be performed with not more than 60 seconds of rest between each set.

Benefits of High Intensity Training?

HIIT will help you burn more fat and at the same time will ensure you lose fat not muscle. Apart from making your heart strong it will also increase your metabolism which will make you feel a lot younger and will eventually help slow down your aging process.

High Intensity Training Example

Here is an HIIT workout using two exercises namely Slam Ball and Box Jump. The routine will be Slam Ball – 10 repetitions or for 1 minute continuously immediately followed by Box Jump – 10 repetitions or for 1 minute continuously. Rest 60 seconds between each set and try to repeat each set 3-5 times. HIIT routines are physically challenging and should not be performed more than 2-3 times per week. Include HIIT along with your weight training routines and combine it with Ideal calorie intake to get the dream body of your life.