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Perfect nutrition plan for six pack Abs and Lean Muscle Mass

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Plan your nutrition for six pack abs

Are you training four, five or maybe six days a week and desperately want an impressive, sculptured and muscular physique, like the fitness models you see in magazines and on various websites. Some of you might have been trying since years to get into the shape of your life, a newbie or an old timer are you desperate to get that fitness model shape along with an eye popping six packs? Congratulations to you for reading this article as we are going to share the fitness secret for the dream body you always desired. Well it’s really not a top secret; it is just getting the right proportion of nutrients in your diet along with your daily dose of resistance training. We will share with you a well-researched and widely practiced diet secret that helps in building lean body mass, increases strength, improves performance and makes you look like one of those fitness models of the magazine cover pages.

The key to lean body mass with six pack abs is supplying the right proportion of Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat along with your routine exercises. The ideal proportion as followed by most of the bodybuilders and fitness models across the world is 45/35/20.  These numbers represents the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you need to consume in your diet, simple.  This proportion is designed to create the ideal metabolic environment in your body which helps in increasing muscle size, strength and at the same time triggers the reduction of body fat which speeds up the formation of your six packs. There are many fitness lovers in India who simply waste their time and money on expensive gyms, who in pursuit to their dream physique simply torcher their body with low carb diet and hours of unnecessary cardio sessions.

Here are the steps to find the nutrients proportion for a six pack definition:

STEP 1: Find the daily calories requirement for your body

STEP 2: Apply the 45/35/20 ratio for calculating daily nutrients portion