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Lose Very High Body Fat Workout Plan – 30 to 40% body fat

MALE: 30%-40% and above FEMALE: 35-50% and above Body Fat Percentage

lose very high body fat workout plan and strategy

Lose Very High Body Fat Workout Plan and Strategy:

If your body resembles any of the pictures below then quite likely you are into a bad lifestyle which means unwanted food intake with minimum to no physical activities. If at all you thinking you have reached the end of the road then please don’t worry it’s not too late yet, you can still get into the best shape of your life provided you are ready to work hard and change your lifestyle for good. Keep reading and implement the workouts and exercises as suggested. Also read the related nutrition plan: Lose Very High Body Fat Diet Plan and Strategy

40 percent body fat - Male
40% Body Fat
35 percent body fat - Male
35% Body Fat
30 percent body fat - Male
30% Body Fat

50 percent body fat - Female
50% Body Fat
40 percent body fat - Female
45% Body Fat
40 percent body fat - Female
40% Body Fat
35 percent body fat - Female
35% Body Fat

If you make changes to your lifestyle as suggested below, you can easily bring down your body fat to 20%. Right workout routine supported by right nutrition are important parameters to bring down body fat to 20%. Here are important points for workouts and exercises:

1. Start an exercise regime

Take up a membership at your neighbourhood Gym or start something at your apartment’s Gym or give it a try at your neighbourhood park, choose something which works for you and something you can do it regularly.

2. Start easy

At 40% body fat, for sure you cannot run a marathon and yes there is no need to run one as well. Start easy, don’t try to lose all fat in one day, have patience, your first goal should as simple as a continuous walk for 2 KM and 10 full squats with 10 push ups.

3. Mix HIIT with Steady State Cardio

HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) is quite a buzz nowadays and is very useful for fat loss. At 40% body fat you won’t able to perform HIIT with right intensity, but still try to incorporate it smartly in your workouts. Some HIIT examples for you:
i. Brisk Walk for 5 min immediately followed by Slow jog for 2 min (Repeat it 5-7 times)
ii. 3 min of low resistance cross-trainer immediately followed by 1 min of high resistance cross-trainer (Repeat it 5-7 times)
iii. 10 push ups immediately followed by 10 squats (Repeat it 3-4 times)
iv. 1 min of Jump Rope immediately followed by 10 Jumping Jacks (Repeat it 5-7 times)
Do not ignore SSC (Steady State Cardio) completely, in a week 3 days of SSC and 2 days of HIIT should be the way to start. For those who still wondering about SSC, it’s the normal cardio most of us do in the Gym example: 20 min continuous walking or jogging on a treadmill at a steady pace, 15 min of continuous workout on a crosstrainer at a steady resistance.

4. Don’t get obsessed with Abs Training

We see many people with big tummy crunching hard on decline benches thinking it will take the bulge away, if you are the one doing it STOP IMMEDIATELY. In fact don’t even try any abs workout with a 40% body fat on your side. At this point of time Three things that will help you in getting the tummy size down are ONE Good Nutrition TWO Good Cardio routines THREE Good Strength training. The size of your tummy will automatically reduce as your body fat comes down. Just follow the sample workout plan provided in this article and you will see some great results in couple of months provided you are following a healthy lifestyle. Don’t waste your time on those crazy ab routines floating around on internet. Focus on your abs only after your body fat comes down to 20% or below.

5. Focus on Form

Doing any exercise with right FORM is the key, it will not only give your body proper definition, but will also help you increase your strength enormously. Don’t get motivated by another guy or gal in the Gym who is lifting much more weight than you, you have to understand you are a beginner and you just can’t sacrifice right exercising form over lifting heavy weight. Just keep your ego outside the exercise room if you want to transform your body correctly.

6. High Reps with minimum rest

Any exercise you do, ensure you doing it for 15 reps and with minimum rest in between the sets. A 60 sec rest would be good enough rest duration between your various sets. This will ensure the right intensity during your workout and will keep your heart rate on the higher side which will ensure more fat loss.

7. Maintain good intensity

We see lot of people chit chatting around in between their sets and workouts, you don’t do that, never let your body cool down or your heart rate go down to the normal levels while working out. If you on a treadmill and able to talk to your neighbour treadmill friend easily means your intensity is not right, stay focused and work hard towards your dream body

8. Master these exercises

Three exercises you have to master without which whatever happens you cannot transform your body:
i. Bench Press / Push ups: Quite likely you won’t be able to perform this exercise with 40% body fat. Start with floor push ups, if you cannot do floor push ups start with push ups against a wall or a horizontal bar with inclined body position, start somewhere.
ii. Squats: The best exercise for your lower body is Squats, don’t start with barbell on your back on day one, take it easy, start with your body weight squats and slowly graduate to barbell or a dumbbell. Do ensure to follow proper form otherwise it can be bad for your knees
iii. Dead Lift: Deadlift primarily works for your lower back and is a very good exercise for overall fat loss and lean muscle development. Here also start it easy with dumbbell to get the right form and slowly graduate to barbell. Remember form is the KEY

9. Don’t run behind Machines

If you really want to build your strength and re-shape your body focus more on free weights training to start with. Free weight trainings are the ones done with dumbbells and barbells. As a starter don’t run behind the machines for your exercises. Free weight training calls for stabilizing your body to perform the exercises which involves lot many other muscles for stabilization which in turn makes it harder and more effective

10. Focus on Floor workouts as well

Apart from weight training and Cardio do focus on floor exercises as well, they are equally effective and will expedite your journey to fat loss. Some popular floor exercises are Burpees, Jumping Jacks, Jumping Squats, Jumping Lunges, Mountain Climbers, High Knees, Stationery Sprinting and many more. Incorporate these and no one can stop you from getting the dream body of your life.

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