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Detox body naturally after parties

Detox body naturally after parties

Detox body naturally after parties:

India is the land of festivals and if not festivals then some family functions or weekend get together. No doubt these are splendid times to have families and friends around which for sure helps to destress mentally and celebrate our lives. Such occasions call for parties and results in some golden memories in our lives.

Obviously if you are a fitness person in pursuit for good health you would be skeptical about being part of such occasions as they call for eating not so healthy food and on some occasions coupled with those fancy cocktails. Let me make it very clear that there is absolutely no need to purposely avoid such gatherings and create hurdles to add new pages in your memory book by stopping yourself from enjoying the parties.

Go ahead and indulge in any kind of food, follow any crap schedule (definitely not for long). Don’t worry even if you end up taking this memorable break for long. We have a way to detox body naturally post parties and get back to your fitness lifestyle in a very short time. Here are foolproof tips to detox your body. Follow it for 24 hours if you are a regular exerciser and 2-3 days if you have been not exercising since past few weeks.

1. Follow healthy schedule

Try to follow the schedule which Mother Nature follows. Yes as the old saying “Early to bed early to rise, Makes person healthy, wealthy and wise”.

2. Water Water Water

Immediately start drinking adequate amount of water to keep your body hydrated. It will help you eliminate unwanted toxins which you have accumulated through junk food and crap schedule. Also read: How much water you should drink?

3. Go Green Go Raw

Detox body naturally green saladYes you heard it correct. Add raw vegetables and greens in your meals. Please ensure that you add greens and not replace your regular meals with greens. Incorporate raw veggies and greens in each of your meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner or at least 2 times a day of almost around 1.5 cup each time.

4. Complex carbs are the winner

Eat complex carbohydrates instead of simple. This will give more fiber to your body and will control quick release of glucose post your meals. Example: Replace White Rice with Brown Rice or Millets or Oats or else eat white rice in moderation. Also read: White Rice Vs Brown Rice

5. Indulge in Proteins

Add adequate amount of healthy proteins in your meals. At least along with your 3 meals eat proteins such as Chicken, Eggs, Cottage Cheese (Paneer) e.t.c.

6. Essentials fats are good

You must be thinking am I crazy asking you eat fats. Don’t worry folks these healthy fats contain essential fatty acids which will help reduce the unwanted fat stored in your body.

7. Say no to sugar or sweets

Keep yourself away from all kinds of processed sugar and sweet items for a while even if your biggest cravings are sweets. Doesn’t matter if it’s homemade atta ka laddu or nariyal ki barfi. Stop munching on any kind of sweets at least for 48 hours. To satisfy sweet craving indulge in fruits.

8. Homemade foods

Detox body naturally wefitindia homemade foodYes you heard it right. No eating out, consume only homemade simple food.

9. Minimize spices

Homemade food doesn’t mean you can add lot of spices. Minimize spices as much as possible in your food. Also it doesn’t mean you have to eat boiled food.

10. Proportions of Macros and Micros

Take care of macronutrients and micronutrients as per your fitness goal. Protein, Carbs, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals etc. Also read: Understand Nutrients and Calories

11. Meals timings matters a lot

Yes it’s not a joke. What to eat, when to eat and how much to eat matters a lot to keep our digestion process at its fire and to boost metabolism.

12. Hard work pays off

Last but not least engage yourself in any kind of low to high intensity physical activity.

Diligently follow the above tips to detox body naturally and get rid of toxins from your body. Your body will thank you for that and your mood will be up for one more extra session of healthy workout, with your regular healthy eating habits and lifestyle you will be all set for another festival to enjoy at its fullest and……….. without any guilt.