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How much water you and your family members should drink?


Every time our body needs water to function properly. Body loses water through breath, bowl movement, perspiration, urine. The amount of water intake differs from person to person as everyone’s body is different by hormonal composition, age, built and also the physical activities they are engaged in.
The amount of water intake which I am explaining here excludes all other liquid apart from plain water like milk, juices, tea, coffee, shakes, watery fruits, buttermilk, Lassi etc.

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As amount of consumption of water is different for different bodies, so let’s start with the smallest body size that is our:
– Kids:
Unknowingly many of us usually don’t even ask or offer water to our kids frequently unless they ask and most likely they don’t ask or forget to ask until their thirst is at extreme.
Our kids should drink at least 2 liters of water in a day apart from all other liquids. Why these many liters?
Simple whole day they are engaged here and there in some kind of physical activities like jumping, running or some sports. So make sure to offer water to your growing kids very often.

–  Teenage to middle age (till 40-50 years) bodies:                  In this category two types of body falls:

1- Bodies engaged in any physical activity apart from their daily schedule
* Medium built person (40 – 85 kilos) should drink (4.5-5) liters of water
* Heavy built person (above 85 kilos, includes fat and muscle) should drink 5.5-7 of water

2- Bodies not engaged in any kind of physical activity
In this condition a person should consume at least 3-4 liters of water in spite of built type, body weight.

– Early old age to old aged bodies As body is aged and most Indian old people hardly engage in any physical activity, if at all they are engaged in low intensity yoga or walking. So in this condition a body needs 3-3.5 liters of water on a daily basis.

As a trainer and nutritionist I keep on consulting people and what shocked me that daily consumption of water for everyone is quite less, people hardly drinking water isn’t it weird. If situation is this then forget about drinking beyond daily recommended value. To get healthy body we have to first work on these basic, simple but quite important substances. So I hope after explaining the daily required amount of water everyone will atleast try to follow it diligently whether it is for you or your family members.