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Understanding Bodybuilding and Fitness Supplements

Should fitness supplements be part of your fitness diet

Supplements as the name says are “supplement” to your diet and training which means something extra, they do not replace proper diet and exercise. The two primary determinants underlying your dream physique are diet and proper training. Supplements are not the magic pills and they won’t do the work for you, but they can help make the process a little easier. Many fitness enthusiasts seem to think that if they follow the workouts and take the right supplements as mentioned in those websites and magazines, they’re going to be the next fitness model, this is absolutely not true. If anyone tells you that their lean muscular physique and power came about because they took a certain supplement, they are most likely trying to sell you something.

Most of the supplements in India are too expensive as they are imported from the US. The big claims made by the supplements available in the Indian market make them very attractive, especially for the fitness beginners who aspire to achieve quick results. Just to clear the air around the overwhelming claims of the supplements, in 1994 FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) which is an agency of the United States responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety took a decision of not testing the supplements and relaxed its requirements  for the supplement manufacturers. The manufacturers can make claims as long as they have research to back it up; the research is usually done by labs funded by the supplement manufacturers. This means, if some manufacturer fill capsules with sugar and sell them as a new miracle weight loss supplement, unless someone dies from them the supplement manufacturer could market them without any problem.

One thing that every fitness lover should understand clearly is that supplements are only responsible for a small fraction of the results you achieve. In fact at least 95% of your results will come from proper training and sound nutrition. The average beginner or intermediate who haven’t improved their training or eating habits, who are still eating junk food, skipping meals, not consistent with workouts are the ones who are most likely to go searching for a “shortcut” and these are the guys the supplement marketers are really trying to hook with their over hyped advertisements. The truth is that taking supplements will not make up for an inconsistent training and nutrition program.

So far we have mentioned everything against the supplements, the whole idea of this article is to stop the fitness lovers from spending their hard earned money on some xyz supplement recommended by your local fitness instructor or marketed by some good looking fitness models on various websites. There are technically no “must have” supplements, but there are right supplements if used along with proper diet and training program, can surely help you to make faster progress. One good example of supplement is Protein powder, in India the diet of a person includes very small portion of protein, so it makes perfect sense to add protein supplement to your diet. Apart from protein powder some other supplements that can be safely consumed along with healthy nutritious diet are Amino Acids, Creatine, Green Tea, Fatty Acids such as Omega 3, Multi-Vitamins and Glutamine. We will touch upon their benefits and consumption procedure in different article.

You can take some of the supplements as mentioned above, but one thing we all fitness lovers need to understand is that taking supplements will not make up for a less then optimal training and nutrition program. No one in this world has transformed their physique by only taking a bodybuilding supplement.

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