How to lose weight and excess fat

Weight loss secret: Optimal Cardio with strength training

In any gym across India or maybe around the globe, you will find 80% of overweight men and women locking their horns with one...
Weight training for women myth fitindia

Smashing the Myth: Weight training is not for Women

It’s a very common and a famous myth among many fitness enthusiasts that weight training is simply not meant for women. Many inexperienced trainers...
Pepsi IPL 2013 logo

Pepsi IPL 2013 – Download IPL Team wallpapers and Schedules

World's richest cricket tournament is about to commence. Print media, Radio stations, Television channels have already started their ad-campaign as India gears towards a...
Free Weight Accessories

Free Weight Accessories

Apart from the resistance component of strength training with free weights, many exercises require various benches and racks to support weight lifters and free...
Free Weight Objects

Understanding Free Weight Objects

Some free-weight objects don’t fall under the category of barbell or dumbbell; they are used for many conventional and unconventional exercises in the gym....
Strength training equipment - barbell, dumbbell, weight plates

Barbells, Weight Plates and Dumbbells

As you begin your journey to body transformation it is very important to understand the various types of equipment you can use for the...
DNP is the lethal fat loss pill

Hyderabad boy in UK dies after taking DNP fat-burning pills

An 18-year-old Indian student from Hyderabad studying in UK died after taking lethal bodybuilding pills to help him lose weight. Few hours before the...
lean mass and six pack abs nutrition

Perfect nutrition plan for six pack Abs and Lean Muscle Mass

Are you training four, five or maybe six days a week and desperately want an impressive, sculptured and muscular physique, like the fitness models...