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Smashing the Myth: Weight training is not for Women

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Is weight training required for women, what's the common myth?

It’s a very common and a famous myth among many fitness enthusiasts that weight training is simply not meant for women. Many inexperienced trainers in India believe that lifting weight will lead women look bulky and muscular like men. It’s quite visible if you visit the gyms in India, as you will find most of the ladies in the gym focused on hours of useless cardio and lifting extremely light weights, well below their endurance level which really helps in accomplishing nothing. In simple words most of the ladies in India unknowingly waste their precious time just because they are surrounded by people who force them believe that weight lifting is just not meant for women.

Unquestionably answer to this baseless myth has a very straight forward and a simple one word answer, NO.  Ladies please get it absolutely clear that if women lift heavy weight they won’t transform into bulky female bodybuilders or will get the looks of shemales. The main scientific reason behind this is the hormone called TESTOSTERONE. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for masculine characteristics like increased muscle mass, bone mass, growth of body hair. Men and women both share this hormone as it is essential for good health and body function. Men produce this hormone 7-8 times more than women do. Women do not and just cannot produce testosterone level as high as men do; on the contrary women produce hormone called ESTROGEN which is responsible for reducing muscle mass. So technically and by law of nature it is impossible for women to get bulky unless they take steroids with bulking diet and extremely aggressive resistance (weight) training.

Yes in today’s world of Goggle and Facebook you can find so many women on internet who are bulky and have big muscle mass but that is the result of taking steroids, bulking diet and extreme weight training which comes by years and years of heavy lifting and is not easy to achieve. Even I was misguided by many novice trainers to lift light weights, not to have protein shakes as it might lead me bulk like men, but I am lifting more than many average Indian women lift in gyms and that too from a very long time, believe me nothing masculine has happened to me instead it has helped me get fast results in toning and sculpting my physique. I don’t have any bulk, I still look 100% feminine and the best part is I always get awesome compliments for my workout, obviously from people who really know what I am doing(most people in the gym don’t know actually what they want to accomplish)

So it doesn’t matter whether you are in your 20’s or 30’s or 40’s, the key thing is, if you want to get in shape and look fabulous that everyone admires you then don’t be afraid to pick weight and lift as heavy as your body can permit, don’t deliberately cut down on you weight lifting capability just because of some unproven myth. Start once and you will love the transformation of your body and the compliments you will get.

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