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Understanding Free Weight Objects

Free Weight Objects
Free Weight Objects

Some free-weight objects don’t fall under the category of barbell or dumbbell; they are used for many conventional and unconventional exercises in the gym. Here are some of the specialty free-weight objects available in Gyms across India:

1. Medicine Ball – They are the weighted rubber or leather ball, available in various sizes depending on the weight. Typically they range from 1 kg to 14 kg. Medicine balls are used for various abdominal exercises and throwing exercises.

Medicine Ball for Strength Training
Medicine Ball
2. Kettlebell – These are the cast-iron solid cannonball like free weights with a handle. They range from 7 to 23 kg.  They are used for variety of abdominal exercises and are mainly used for performing snatches, cleans and swings.

Kettlebell for strength training
3. Weighted Belt – These belts fit around the back along the gluteus area with a long chain that runs from one side of the belt to the other. Weight plates are added to the chain for adding resistance during body-weight exercises such as pull-ups and parallel bar dips.

Weighted Belt for strength training
Weighted Belt
4. Wrist Roller – This is a simple device composed of a short steel handle with a 3 to 4 feet rope attached to it. Weights are added to the other end of the rope, a user will roll the handle to lift the weight until the rope is completely wrapped around the handle.

Wrist Roller for strength training
Wrist Roller
5. Arm Blaster – This device is used to prevent movement of the upper arms when doing biceps curl.

Arm Blaster
Arnold using an Arm Blaster
6. Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights – These are small bands which can be worn around wrists or ankles to add more resistance to the exercises.

Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights for strength training
Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights