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What is Cardio and why it is important?

What is cardio and why its important

Cardio is the short name for “cardiovascular”. The cardiovascular system of human body is composed of heart, blood vessels and blood. The cardiovascular system contributes to the infrastructure of the immune system and distributes Oxygen and nutrients to all body tissues. The cardiovascular system is also responsible for transportation of carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes from the tissues to the lungs and excretory organs.

In fitness terminology cardio means the exercises that affects or strengthen the cardiovascular system. The exercises that are associated with cardio workouts are jogging, cycling, brisk walking, swimming, dancing and rowing, basically all the exercises which are done for longer stretches of time continuously without any break in the routine. Another name for Cardio is Aerobic exercise. The Cardio exercises are done for longer stretches of time and hence increases the heart beat and helps in pumping more blood which carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body.

If the goal is to lose weight, then the cardio should be at a higher intensity which is about 70-90% of the maximum heart rate. The low intensity cardio is done at 60-65% of the maximum heart rate and helps in building endurance. The simple formula to calculate the maximum heart rate is 226 for women or 220 for men minus the age. Example: The maximum heart rate of a 36 year old male would be 220-36=184.

Here are some good reasons to implement Cardio exercises in your fitness routine:

1. A great workout for your heart

– Like any other muscle, heart is also a muscle which requires exercises to keep it healthy. In Yoga, Pranayam has many breathing routines which target the cardiovascular system and it’s scientifically proven that Pranayam helps in preventing many heart diseases. Likewise Cardio is one such form of exercise which increases the breathing/heart rate and keeps your heart healthy.

2. Helps you in losing weight

– Cardio exercises performed at a higher rate helps you lose weight considerably.

3. Helps in reducing stress

– The heart beat rate of an average runner is less compared to that of a normal person which means the average runner is less stressed throughout the day compared to a normal person.

4. Helps fight Sleeping disorders

– The increase in sleeping pills in the market are a sign that many people in India are facing some kind of sleeping problems. It has been scientifically proven that Cardio helps you sleep faster and longer.

5. Keeps you energized all day long

– Regular cardio strengthens the cardiovascular system which means your body gets more nutrients delivered all the time which keeps you full of energy.

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