December 8, 2018, Saturday

Know about WefitIndia

We are a team of fitness experts with the only vision of making India fit. Our goal is to provide high quality fitness and nutrition services and help everyone stay fit and healthy. Read WefitIndia Vision

Why us?

We are the only fitness website backed by state of the art WeFI Gym where our experts have already transformed lives of hundreds of individuals; this helps us bring practical knowledge and real time experiences in front of you.

Why India specific?

There are many websites on fitness, but most of them are primarily not targeted for the people of India or rather most of the fitness websites are not written considering the dynamics of India. Our country is so different from the rest of the world; our eating habits, our daily routines, our food, our lifestyle; even availability of quality food and affordable supplements is quite questionable as compared with the western world.

Our world being different calls for altogether a different approach towards fitness to improve our health quotient and achieve our fitness goals. Considering the limitations and challenges we Indians face in our daily lives, pledges to help every one of you improve your fitness levels and transform your lives using existing resources and fitness infrastructure available in our country.

Our ultimate goal

Through WefitIndia we want to sow the seed of fitness in each and every one of you. Our goals will be met if we can make you embrace fitness and make you understand the value of being healthy.

All the very best for your fitness journey and we sincerely hope that helps you achieve your fitness goals and aspirations. If you want to join our online fitness team or provide any feedback, do contact us or send us an email: